His decision to run for office and seek this position comes from wanting to make a difference.  His love for the community is what drives him and his background is what makes him the best choice for Judge.  He  looks at serving the public as an honor and not a career.

In December, 2015, Edward Piña accepted the challenge of running for Judge of the 57th District Court in Bexar County, Texas

"I am a candidate asking for your support in my election in the Democratic primary for the 57th Judicial District Court.  As a graduate of Tulane University and St. Mary's University School of Law and with thirty (30) years of experience in the courtroom, I come well prepared to serve you as Judge of the 57th Judicial District Court.

Lawyers are in a unique position to evaluate our courts and judicial system.  For the past several years I have seen a succession of candidates that were minimally qualified for the position but seriously under qualified by breath of knowledge or depth of trial experience.  Other candidates lack the judicial temperament that is so badly needed for judicial positions.

I am not seeking this judicial office because I need a job or the perceived status that may be associated with such positions.  I have been blessed with a busy and prosperous law practice.  Moreover, I love being a lawyer but I have come to the point where I can complain about the way things are and try to improve them as a lawyer or try to improve them from the bench."

ACCOMPLISHED                   COMMITTED               READY TO SERVE